Bad Billy Band – ‘Gunsmoke’

‘Gunsmoke’ is taken from the band’s debut album ‘This Is What You’re Here For’ and it is a blinder of a track!

Bad Billy Band have an immense sound, with Soundgarden-esque nuances that catch the listener with their ‘laid-back’ energy and hooky melodies.

This is a superb track and these guys are undoubtedly going to go far. And as for the rest of us, we should all go here and buy their album!


The Jellycats – T.W.A.T

These guys are Fresh. With a capital F.

The Jellycats are a Ska-Punk band with a fierce energy and upbeat groove and ‘T-W-A-T’ (taken from their debut album which can be downloaded free here shows that these guys mean business.

Instantly hooky, this track is filled with attitude, awesome vocals and a kick ass guitar solo. It really is the stuff that ska-filled dreams are made of.

This band is definitely one to watch! You should check out their website and download their music!!

Danny Dangerously – Heaven & Glory

‘Heaven & Glory’ is taken from the Age of Tapes EP (which can be found here and it is an awesome track.

The lyrics are beautifully written and complement the powerful melody and emotive guitars perfectly. When you hear ‘Heaven & Glory’ live, it hits you in the face and wedges itself firmly in your mind. This is definitely an unforgettable tune.

Check out Danny’s new album, ‘The Faith & The Fury’ on bandcamp. It is immense.

Press to Meco – Affinity

‘Affinity’ is taken from Press to Meco’s new EP (also called ‘Affinity’) which will be released on 27 May – and which you should definitely check out!

This track is upbeat, catchy and the vocals are awesome. We’ve been lucky enough to see these guys live and the harmonies are truly stunning, especially when they play an acoustic set.

The video is captivatingly gory and the guitars sound immense. If you want a free download of this tune, go here!

Verona Lights – Rush

‘Rush’ is taken from Verona Lights’ debut album ‘A Weightless Descent’ and if this track is anything to go by, the album will be a blinder!

The heavy guitar riffs are incredibly hooky and the vocals are simply superb. ‘Rush’ is gutsy, melodic and sticks in your head after one listen. And clearly, only listening once is just not enough.

These guys are definitely one to watch! (And you can see more if you go here:

Lilium – Deep Look

Energetic and emotive, ‘Deep Look’ has a real funk-rock vibe which hooks the listener immediately.

The superb guitar solos and raw vocals, coupled with the fierce rhythm section, build the song to a crescendo and blast out sheer power.

Lilium have an edgy, unique sound and are a band that need to be heard. Check them out here:

The Glass Child – I’ll Never Tell

A song with a message often hits us harder than any other song because it’s something most – if not all – of us can relate to in some way.

‘I’ll Never Tell’ is a beautiful, haunting track that the Glass Child released in order to raise awareness of domestic abuse and mental illness. And boy, does this song pack a punch.

The video is equally powerful and brings the Glass Child’s lyrics to life. A genuinely superb piece of music, you should listen to more here: