Bitter Ruin – Trust

Intense, emotive and with vocals that shatter your mind into a million pieces, Bitter Ruin are shaking up the music industry with their indie-noir sound.

An acoustic duo hailing from Brighton (and managed by the awesome Matt Lucas), these guys have supported artists such as Ben Folds and Amanda Palmer – and really held their own.

With strong, angry guitar and dramatic vocal inflections, their stage presence is as formidable as their songs and their creativity and passion spills out in waves.

Don’t try to resist them…they won’t let you.

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The Coffee Shop Kids – I Wanna Be Like You (Cover)

So we’ve posted a song by The Coffee Shop Kids before (see here: ) but this is genuinely one of the most unique, awesome covers we have seen in a long time and it should definitely be shared!


Edd Mann – The Spanish Dancer

Edd Mann is a Sussex based singer-songwriter who creates beautiful songs simply using vocals and acoustic guitar. And ‘The Spanish Dancer’ is no exception.

Exquisitely crafted, the track is brimming with emotion and charm (not to mention the awesomeness of the Spanish flavours and graceful melodies of the guitar)

‘The Spanish Dancer’ is a stunning piece of music.

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