Birdeatsbaby – Muscle Museum

Birdeatsbaby are seriously talented. Dark, haunting and emotional, their own songs are full of spark and beauty.

Their cover of Muse’s ‘Muscle Museum’ simply has to be shared. Listen to it. Then listen to it again.

And when you’ve done that, check out their songs on YouTube (We recommend their track ‘Drinking in the Day’ in particular and their new track ‘Baby Steps’). Birdeatsbaby YouTube channel

Alternative, dark cabaret punk at its finest.

Amy – Retro (EP)

Those awesome lads from Amy recently sent us their EP, ‘Retro’, and, quite simply, it’s superb. ‘Retro’ kicks off with ‘Static Situation’ which epitomizes Amy’s dynamic and snappy sound. The hooky, feel-good melody snares you from the off and drives you nicely into ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ is more mellow with a beat that gets the head nodding and has lyrics that are entirely relatable. These guys know how to produce a catchy tune and the same can be said of the third track, ‘Hotel Atlantica (That Magaluf Song)’ – which we’ve had the pleasure of hearing live and can vouch wholeheartedly for their stage-shaking energy – with its thumping beat and lively guitar, this track could easily become an immense holiday anthem!

Track four is ‘Starry Night’ which follows ‘Hotel Atlantica’ beautifully with its picky guitar and strings. The orchestral sound gives the track an ethereal feel enhanced by the haunting vocals. There’s also a cheeky guitar solo which can only ever be a good thing!

The fifth and final track, ‘They Don’t Talk In Tokyo’, hits you straight in the face and wakes you up from the dreamlike state that ‘Starry Night’ evokes. It’s the ideal track to end on as it makes you fling yourself around the living room with bad ass dance moves (ok, that could just be us) and leaves the listener wanting more. Overall, this EP is a brilliant offering from the band. If you want a comparison in terms of sound, there is a tinge of Jimmy Eat World about them, but they can definitely hold their own and they clearly know who they are as a band.

For more info on these guys check out:



Press to MECO – Family Ties

So Press to MECO are back with another huge tune!

Fast-paced, energetic and hits you from the word go, if this track doesn’t get you vogue-ing then nothing will. Ok, maybe not vogue-ing but there’s definitely room for a bit of a mosh!

The video has premiered on Kerrang! and next up the guys will be back performing at Redfest – they are definitely making waves so keep an eye out for them!

Check out their website at:

Bitter Ruin – Love Gone Left

So Bitter Ruin are back with their new single from the album ‘Waves’ and it is killer!

Georgia’s Intense, emotive vocals and lyrics interweave effortlessly with Ben’s powerful guitar. Melodic genius at its finest.

These two know who they are as artists and they want the world to hear it – they are currently gigging in London and Brighton and tickets are on sale now – check out their site for more info!

Bitter Ruin – Trust

Intense, emotive and with vocals that shatter your mind into a million pieces, Bitter Ruin are shaking up the music industry with their indie-noir sound.

An acoustic duo hailing from Brighton (and managed by the awesome Matt Lucas), these guys have supported artists such as Ben Folds and Amanda Palmer – and really held their own.

With strong, angry guitar and dramatic vocal inflections, their stage presence is as formidable as their songs and their creativity and passion spills out in waves.

Don’t try to resist them…they won’t let you.

(Check out more here:

The Coffee Shop Kids – I Wanna Be Like You (Cover)

So we’ve posted a song by The Coffee Shop Kids before (see here: ) but this is genuinely one of the most unique, awesome covers we have seen in a long time and it should definitely be shared!


The Glass Child – I’ll Never Tell

A song with a message often hits us harder than any other song because it’s something most – if not all – of us can relate to in some way.

‘I’ll Never Tell’ is a beautiful, haunting track that the Glass Child released in order to raise awareness of domestic abuse and mental illness. And boy, does this song pack a punch.

The video is equally powerful and brings the Glass Child’s lyrics to life. A genuinely superb piece of music, you should listen to more here:

Fight or Flight – Shooting Arrows

‘Shooting Arrows’ – and the kid starring in the video – just exudes cool.

A stand-out rock tune from Fight or Flight, it’s filled with a sense of mischief, fun and catchy guitar riffs.
The change in tempo at the end adds something darker to the song – these guys clearly like to keep us guessing!

Great track from a great band – check them out on twitter!

Ground Pilots – Cast Away

‘Cast Away’ (the second single from the Ground Pilots), is an easy listening, head bobbing track that mixes country twang with a sprinkling of the 90’s.

The vocals are beautiful with a twinge of melancholy – but the song still has a real feel-good charm.

The video is superb and the track itself is effortlessly cool. Like Slash. On an acoustic.

They have a website. Go download their tunes!

Milk & Biscuits – Hairstyles

Here’s to kickstarting Monday with a mellow tune – Milk & Biscuit’s ‘Hairstyles’.

The gentle melody and somewhat wistful vocals give this track a sound reminiscent of the Stone Roses and a laid back, summery feel which makes the listener feel like they are immersed in glorious sunshine. Not many bands can do that!

These guys have a definite charm about them and are worth a listen – so go here for more tuneage: