Hello 2016 & Radiohead!

In honour of Radiohead’s 2016 tour (and finally getting this blog up and running again!) here is a cheeky video of Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

Such a tune – hope to see you all at the London gigs!

Oh and if any bands want their music reviewed, get in touch!


Mrs Miller – Strangers in the Night

Ok, so this blog is primarily for spreading the word of aspiring, unsigned bands that are making waves in the music scene. However, just once in a while, it’s nice to delve into the past and find a spiffy little gem.

Such a gem was presented to me by a friend who described what I was about to hear as ‘the most interesting version of Strangers in the Night you have never heard.’

And fine people, this musical delight must be shared. Enjoy.