Bitter Ruin – Trust

Intense, emotive and with vocals that shatter your mind into a million pieces, Bitter Ruin are shaking up the music industry with their indie-noir sound.

An acoustic duo hailing from Brighton (and managed by the awesome Matt Lucas), these guys have supported artists such as Ben Folds and Amanda Palmer – and really held their own.

With strong, angry guitar and dramatic vocal inflections, their stage presence is as formidable as their songs and their creativity and passion spills out in waves.

Don’t try to resist them…they won’t let you.

(Check out more here:


Raisonne – Better Life

Raisonne – Better Life

Check out the live demo of ‘Better Life’ by Raisonne.

Rock with a bluesy feel, catchy rhythm and awesome guitar solos complemented by melodic vocals. Give it a try!

Tin Roots – Set Sail

Tin Roots are refreshingly different with a mellow, reggae-funk sound that crosses genres and makes them stand out from the crowd.

‘Set Sail’ is a brilliant track, filled with with funky guitar riffage, a lively, warm sound and soulful vocals. It just makes you want to bounce. And also makes you feel like summer has exploded in your face. Go download it!

You can find out more about the band and their awesome tunes here:

The Coffee Shop Kids – I Wanna Be Like You (Cover)

So we’ve posted a song by The Coffee Shop Kids before (see here: ) but this is genuinely one of the most unique, awesome covers we have seen in a long time and it should definitely be shared!


The Jellycats – T.W.A.T

These guys are Fresh. With a capital F.

The Jellycats are a Ska-Punk band with a fierce energy and upbeat groove and ‘T-W-A-T’ (taken from their debut album which can be downloaded free here shows that these guys mean business.

Instantly hooky, this track is filled with attitude, awesome vocals and a kick ass guitar solo. It really is the stuff that ska-filled dreams are made of.

This band is definitely one to watch! You should check out their website and download their music!!

Verona Lights – Rush

‘Rush’ is taken from Verona Lights’ debut album ‘A Weightless Descent’ and if this track is anything to go by, the album will be a blinder!

The heavy guitar riffs are incredibly hooky and the vocals are simply superb. ‘Rush’ is gutsy, melodic and sticks in your head after one listen. And clearly, only listening once is just not enough.

These guys are definitely one to watch! (And you can see more if you go here:

My Everest – Filthy Little Secrets

Here’s one for the Pop Punkers! My Everest are four talented chicks who got together in 2011 and have been creating a musical stir ever since.

Filthy Little Secrets is an awesome track (which can be found on their EP – go here for more info full of zesty spirit and energy.

A real catchy tune – Paramore fans will definitely dig it (‘dig it’ – that’s still a cool phrase, right?) – so have a listen and support these guys!