Amy – Retro (EP)

Those awesome lads from Amy recently sent us their EP, ‘Retro’, and, quite simply, it’s superb. ‘Retro’ kicks off with ‘Static Situation’ which epitomizes Amy’s dynamic and snappy sound. The hooky, feel-good melody snares you from the off and drives you nicely into ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ is more mellow with a beat that gets the head nodding and has lyrics that are entirely relatable. These guys know how to produce a catchy tune and the same can be said of the third track, ‘Hotel Atlantica (That Magaluf Song)’ – which we’ve had the pleasure of hearing live and can vouch wholeheartedly for their stage-shaking energy – with its thumping beat and lively guitar, this track could easily become an immense holiday anthem!

Track four is ‘Starry Night’ which follows ‘Hotel Atlantica’ beautifully with its picky guitar and strings. The orchestral sound gives the track an ethereal feel enhanced by the haunting vocals. There’s also a cheeky guitar solo which can only ever be a good thing!

The fifth and final track, ‘They Don’t Talk In Tokyo’, hits you straight in the face and wakes you up from the dreamlike state that ‘Starry Night’ evokes. It’s the ideal track to end on as it makes you fling yourself around the living room with bad ass dance moves (ok, that could just be us) and leaves the listener wanting more. Overall, this EP is a brilliant offering from the band. If you want a comparison in terms of sound, there is a tinge of Jimmy Eat World about them, but they can definitely hold their own and they clearly know who they are as a band.

For more info on these guys check out:




Lilium – Deep Look

Energetic and emotive, ‘Deep Look’ has a real funk-rock vibe which hooks the listener immediately.

The superb guitar solos and raw vocals, coupled with the fierce rhythm section, build the song to a crescendo and blast out sheer power.

Lilium have an edgy, unique sound and are a band that need to be heard. Check them out here:

Trevor’s Head – Pieces Of You

These guys are immense. Chunky guitar, gritty vocals and raw energy that knows no bounds. What more could you ask for?!

‘Pieces Of You’ is a meaty, raucous offering which makes the listener want to dive straight into the first available mosh pit. Topped off by great melody and a superb solo, the band’s musical passion literally pours out of this tune.

Seriously you need to see these guys live. Like now.

There is only one glaring question: Who is Trevor? And why do they have his head? (ok, two questions…)