Ground Pilots – Cast Away

‘Cast Away’ (the second single from the Ground Pilots), is an easy listening, head bobbing track that mixes country twang with a sprinkling of the 90’s.

The vocals are beautiful with a twinge of melancholy – but the song still has a real feel-good charm.

The video is superb and the track itself is effortlessly cool. Like Slash. On an acoustic.

They have a website. Go download their tunes!


The Avengers – End of the Fire

The Avengers – End of the Fire

There is no video to this song but it is such a great track that it needs to be shared!

The Avengers are a powerhouse of musicians – Danny Dangerously, Kristian Lasham and Michael Jones, each of whom have their own projects but come together as the Avengers to kick the hell out of the music scene. And indeed they do.

Not to be missed live – every single tune hooks the listener and Danny is a charismatic front man. Seriously good stuff.

Milk & Biscuits – Hairstyles

Here’s to kickstarting Monday with a mellow tune – Milk & Biscuit’s ‘Hairstyles’.

The gentle melody and somewhat wistful vocals give this track a sound reminiscent of the Stone Roses and a laid back, summery feel which makes the listener feel like they are immersed in glorious sunshine. Not many bands can do that!

These guys have a definite charm about them and are worth a listen – so go here for more tuneage:

Fresh Like Dexie – Antiques

Fresh Like Dexie are a band bursting with energy and musical talent and have hit the ground running after forming a couple of years ago.

The band have already headlined many gigs and gained a huge fan base – and their live shows are not to be missed!

‘Antiques’ is an offering that brings us more of their blistering funk sound which is complemented by Dani’s superb ‘jazz style’ vocals.

You can check out some more sounds from this unique band here:

Hybrid 9 – The Devil’s Son

Hybrid 9 are hardcore. And they are definitely a must for the Hard Rock / Metal connoisseur.

With gritty vocals, an intense rhythm section and fiery guitar (and riffs that could rival the Metal Gods of old), The Devil’s Son is bolshy and in your face – and we love it!

Infused with confidence and infectious energy, the band are well on the road to much deserved success!

Check out some of their other tunes here: