Wolves At The Door – Forgiveness

Wolves At The Door – Forgiveness

At RoarFm, we do love a bit of Wolves At The Door (we reviewed their ‘121212’ track last year which you can find here: https://roarfm.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/wolves-at-the-door-121212/) and we are delighted to be able to bring you a cheeky review of ‘Forgiveness’ (which sadly never made it onto the EP)!

This tune is instantly appealing and the lyrics are beautifully crafted and delivered with real passion. There is a hint of Bowie-meets-Buzzcocks in this tune but Wolves At The Door definitely have a style of their own. Dan Martin’s vocals are powerful and his searing vibrato builds up the intensity of the emotion in the chorus.

These guys are seriously tight. The beefy rhythm section packs a punch, energetically driving the track and adding texture with changing beats. ‘Forgiveness’ is immensely addictive and Wolves At The Door are exploding onto the music scene. The only question is ‘Are You Ready?’

For more WATD musical goodness, go here: https://soundcloud.com/wolvesatthedoor


Wolves At The Door – 121212

Wolves At The Door are fairly new to the scene although the members of the band have been part of various bands and projects for a while, particularly lead singer, Dan Martin who has released numerous albums under his alias: Danny Dangerously.

121212 is the Wolves’ debut single which fuses immense, hooky riffs with melodic guitar and vocals and a pounding rhythm section.

The lads have done a great job with the video for 121212, which has an air of Bowie meets Clockwork Orange.

WATD is definitely one to watch!