Radiohead – winning the interwebs!

As we all know, over the last few days the legends that are Radiohead have been playing massive mind games with us, starting by completely erasing their internet presence and subsequently posting little hints and clues, culminating today in a new song/video called ‘Burn The Witch’.

Whilst this blog is primarily for unsigned bands and artists, we had to give a nod to the band for successfully keeping us all enthralled (marketing at its best!) and impatient for more.

Well played Radiohead, well played.


Ground Pilots – Cast Away

‘Cast Away’ (the second single from the Ground Pilots), is an easy listening, head bobbing track that mixes country twang with a sprinkling of the 90’s.

The vocals are beautiful with a twinge of melancholy – but the song still has a real feel-good charm.

The video is superb and the track itself is effortlessly cool. Like Slash. On an acoustic.

They have a website. Go download their tunes!